Biosecurity, Global Challenges

Himalayan Balsam: Controlling the Uncontrollable

A storymap investigating the control methods that can be applied to control the invasive species, Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera). The origin, background and UK spread of Himalayan Balsam is also included within this storymap.

Forced Migration, Labour Migration, Migration



Ballyhaunis, Ireland

Being Global

Globalization describes different processes and changes in how the world works. It is often seen as the integration of businesses, markets, economies, culture, people and politics across the world.


How GIS Can Benefit Research Projects

This summarizes how GIS is used in social sciences research in a case of the Global-Rural project which examines globalization & rural. From design to data collection, management, analysis, mapping, visualization, storytelling & public engagement.

Forced Migration, Labour Migration, Migration

Migration in Mid-Wales

In this story map we look at recent migration patterns into Newtown and connect the trends and experiences we observe here with wider national and international processes and events. We look at how this shaped the development and building of Newtown.

Mid Wales, Newtown, Wales
Economy and Trade, Sugar

Soft Drinks Stories: Tracing Fanta to Newtown, Wales

How exactly does globalisation work? How is it that we can buy a branded soft drink like Fanta in Newtown, Wales, just as easily as we can over the other side of the world ? A product, which is “worse than useless”, on account of it being the root of ………….

Global, Newtown, Wales
Economy and Trade, Manufacturing

From Yosemite to Antarctica via Burundi

Rural areas have been integrated into multinational networks of trade; bringing benefits through access to international markets, but dependency on global firms has also made rural economies more vulnerable to distant economic events in this era of Globalization.

Economy and Trade, Sugar

The Making and Remaking of a Cane Countryside

Australia’s internal highly regulated quota, single desk sugar industry became unhelpful to the inconstancy of global changes and Nambour is an interesting example of how these restructuring sifted through the Australian system to make and remake a rural cane sugar town.

Australia, Queensland
Economy and Trade, Wool

Woolly Networks – From Sheep to Shop

With the diversity of UK sheep industry, having approximately 45,000 registered wool producers, 22.9 million sheep producing about 68,000 tonnes of wool types yearly that goes through the BWB, it is impossible to trace the provenance of British wool back to the individual farm.