Civil Society and Social Movement, Counter Globalisation Movement

Communal Living as a Global Alternative Movement

Historically, people or groups of people dissatisfied with their lifestyles and their present conditions have gathered in search of alternatives ways of living, thus communal living has become that global social mechanism that has promoted this societal change over time and place and into a global network challenging contemporary globalisation consequences.

Africa, Brazil, China, Europe, Global
Civil Society and Social Movement, Counter Globalisation Movement, Global Geography of the Internet, Global Infrastructure and Communication, Rural Civil Society and Global Connectivity

Saving the Brimmon Oak through Translocal Social Action

The Brimmon Oak is an ancient Welsh oak tree, threatened with destruction by the building of a new bypass road. The successful social media-driven campaign to save the Brimmon Oak provides an example of translocal social action in practice.

Mid Wales, Newtown, Wales