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Deconstructing the New Zealand Dairy Boom

New Zealand has become a global dairy superpower. How has this small country achieved this feat? And what have been the impacts for the communities, economy and environment of rural New Zealand?

New Zealand
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From Yosemite to Antarctica via Burundi

Rural areas have been integrated into multinational networks of trade; bringing benefits through access to international markets, but dependency on global firms has also made rural economies more vulnerable to distant economic events in this era of Globalization.

Dairy, Economy and Trade, Globalisation of Food

How Milk Went Global

Milk is an unlikely global commodity. It will spoil within hours if not refrigerated or preserved. Yet, today dairy is a global industry with milk and dairy products transported and traded across the world. This is the story of how milk went global.

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Invasive Species, Global Trade and Biosecurity: The case of Xylella

Numbers of alien species are rapidly increasing worldwide as a result of increased global trade. This storymap focuses on Xylella fastidiosa, which has devastated Olive trees in Southern Italy and is threatening plant health across Europe.

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Narrating the Global Countryside

Five years on, 450 hours of 617 interviews and 8 participatory mapping interviews, 2 focus groups, 2 surveys of 1,235 respondents, GPS and GIS Mapping exercises of global continental coverage, the Global-Rural Project comes to an end. Here is a summary of the project’s findings in over 14 countries and 37 case study sites.

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Soft Drinks Stories: Tracing Fanta to Newtown, Wales

How exactly does globalisation work? How is it that we can buy a branded soft drink like Fanta in Newtown, Wales, just as easily as we can over the other side of the world ? A product, which is “worse than useless”, on account of it being the root of ………….

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The birdcage craft industry of Da’ou village in globalising rural China

While the Chinese countryside has experienced issues of poverty, deprivation and depopulation, Da’ou village shows an increasing prosperous economy due to its historical birdcage industry that is flourishing in global times.

China, Da’ou Village, Shandong province
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The Global Sugar Countryside

The production, consumption and trade of sugar have over the years been relatively volatile, influenced mainly by global economic restructuring – trade liberalisation, policy changes, FDI as well as improved agricultural systems, increased ethanol production, incomes and rising domestic demand for sugar.