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Manufacturing Mid Wales (4 MB)
Paper presented to the Nordic Geographers Meeting, Stockholm, July 2017

Faith Based International Volunteering (1 MB)
Beth Saunders. A presentation given at the ISTR Conference 2018: Democracy and Legitimacy:  The Role of the Third Sector in a Globalizing World.

Faith-Based Organisations and Environmental Justice (2 MB)
Beth Saunders. A presentation given at the Salzburg 2017 Conference on Religion and Poverty

(Re-)Assembling the Global Countryside (11 MB)
Open lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University, 31 December 2018

Creative Ruralities (268 KB)
Paper presented by Michael Woods at the 'Creativity at the Edge' Symposium, Moore Institute, National University of Ireland Galway, June 2012

Assemblage, Place and Globalization Talk (694 KB)
Presentation by Michael Woods on 'Assemblage, Place and Globalization' to Assemblage Thinking Symposium, Mytilene, June 2017.

The Future is Rural?
Video presentation by Michael Woods to Hyper-rurality Conference, Manchester, November 2017

Rural transformation and multi-stakeholder alliances: the case of Senjeh District in Liberia (2 MB)
Fidel Budy. Paper presented at the second biennial conference of the Political Ecology Network in Oslo on 20 June 2018.

Impact of land grabbing on rural Liberia (2 MB)
Fidel Budy. Presentation to policy makers and stakeholders in Liberia on 14 December 2018