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‘(Re-)Assembling Foreign Direct Investment in an Irish Small Town’ (992 KB)
Presented to the American Association of Geographers’ Annual Meeting, San Francisco, March 2016.

‘Assembling the Global Countryside’
Presented to the School of Environment, Auckland University, March 2016.

'Rural Cosmpolitanism Then and Now: European Settlers and Chinese Farmers in Late Colonial Queensland’
Presented to the New Zealand Geographical Society Conference, Dunedin, February 2016.

‘Designing a Data Management Plan: the GLOBAL-RURAL Experience’, (808 KB)
Presented to ERC Workshop on Ethics in Research: Challenges from the Social Sciences, Brussels, November 2015.

‘Chinese Rural Development in Global Perspective’ (2 MB)
Presented to the Rural Reconstruction Forum, Beijing, November 2015.

'Assemblage, Place, Power and Globalization’ (636 KB)
Presented to the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Exeter, September 2015.

Fish, Fog and Fluorescent Bulbs: Negotiating the More-than-Human, More-than-Terrestrial Place Assemblage of a Canadian Coastal Community (14 MB)
Presented to the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Conference, London, August-September 2017.

Agribusiness Assemblages and the Global Countryside (2 MB)
keynote presentation at ‘Governança, Agronegócio e Redes de Produção Global’ Colloquium, Brasilia, August 2017.

Assembling Globalization and Restructuring Rural Infrastructure: China and the New Zealand Dairy Assemblage (8 MB)
paper presented at the American Association of Geographers conference, Boston, April 2017