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Welsh, M. (2014) Resilience and responsibility: governing uncertainty in a complex world
The Geographical Journal, 180, 15-26. Full paper (subscription or paid download required).

Woods, M. (2014) Regions engaging globalization: a typology of regional responses in Europe (218.92 KB)
Journal of Rural and Community Development, 8(3), 113-126. Full paper (open access).

Woods M. (2005) Rural Geography: Processes, Responses and Experiences in Rural Restructuring

Woods, M. (2011) Rural, Routledge

McDonagh, J., Nienaber, B. and Woods, M. (eds) (2015) Globalization and Europe’s Rural Regions
Ashgate (in press).

‘Assembling Rural Place’ (4.75 MB)
introduction to GLOBAL-RURAL project and conceptual approach, presented to Centre for Rural Research, Trondheim, Norway, January 2014 (earlier versions presented at New Ruralities Conference, Bamberg, Germany, November 2013 and at Wageningen University, December 2013).

‘Visualizing the Global Countryside’ (982.67 KB)
Poster presented at the Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers) Annual Conference, London, August 2014.

‘The Recession and Rural Wales’
presented as part of WISERD Seminar Series on Wales and the Recession, Cardiff University, September 2014.

‘New Food Politics in the Emergent Global Countryside’
presented to Food and Sustainability: Production, Consumption and Food Relations in Asia Conference, City University of Hong Kong, October 2014.