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Name / Title

Trajnostna raba Natura 2000 habitatov vzdolž slovensko-madžarske meje

(English: Sustainable use of Natura 2000 habitats along the Slovenian-Hungarian border)

Case Study Region


Geographical coverage 

Regional level: Pomurska region, Porabje area in Hungary (National Park Őrség)




Main activity / focus


Defining the model on sustainable use of cultural landscape based on natural, social and economic conditions in the area along the Slovenian – Hungarian border. The main goal is biodiversity preservation in the areas of Natura 2000 and the assessment of the potential sustainable use and biodiversity preservation of the areas of Őrség, Goričko and Mura.

Target beneficiaries / market

regional environment; farmers, nature preservation promoters

Year established


Current Funding source(s)

85% EU funding; 10% state funding; 5% local funding


Project Partners of the project LP Őrség:

  • National Park Landscape Park Goričko,
  • PRA Regional Development Agency,
  • Municipality Števanovci,
  • Ekološki center SVIT (Ecologic center SVIT).





The project is one of the first examples of responses of Pomurska region to the relatively newly introduced protection category of Natura 2000 in Slovenia. The project idea is to define a model of the sustainable use of the cultural landscape which is directly connected to the idea of Natura 2000. The proposed model will be based on the economic and social characteristics of the project area and will suggest the ways and solutions for the biodiversity preservation. As the project results the new agricultural products will be defined and the communication among the environmentalists and farmers shall be improved.


Contact details


Goričko Nature Park Information Center
Grad 191
SI-9264 Grad
Phone: +386 (0) 2 551 88 60 or +386 (0) 31 354 149
Fax: +386 (0) 551 88 69