Name / Title Touristic Platform
Case Study Region Westerkwartier, NL
Geographical coverage Westerkwartier
Type Touristic business association; project
 Main activity / focus  The goal of the initiative is to provide space for persons involved in tourism to:

  1. Exchange knowledge and experience
  2. Develop new products and services
  3. Develop a marketing and promotion strategy
 Target beneficiaries / market  Target market: Tourism and recreation sectorBeneficiaries: Persons involved with tourism and recreation in the Westerkwartier, commercially and non-commercially.
Year established 2008
Current Funding source(s) LEADER
Participants Touristic entrepreneurs (core team) of the Westerkwartier, in initiation phase also touristic catalysts
Website Not available
 Description  In 2008, the municipalities of the Westerkwartier and Groningen Province decided to engage touristic catalysts in order to improve the tourism and recreation sector in the Westerkwartier. The touristic catalysts were contracted as a LEADER project for two years.Since entrepreneurs appear too busy with their firms to start a network of their own, the touristic catalysts began their work by initiating a touristic platform. It was meant to serve as a platform for touristic entrepreneurs to meet, to exchange knowledge, develop new ideas and to form (new) networks and arrangements between the different entrepreneurs. The rural house provided a meeting place for the entrepreneurs.Activities of the touristic platform have been diverse, workshops have been planned to take place, speakers have been invited and efforts have been put into reaching all touristic entrepreneurs in the region.The touristic platform meets two to three times per year in order to facilitate networking activities. Out of this network, a core team of touristic entrepreneurs from all municipalities of the Westerkwartier has been derived which meets up to eight times per year in order to develop, organize, arrange and discuss activities within the touristic platform. The core team includes the major entrepreneurs in the tourism and recreation sector of each municipality but also several small firms.According to the touristic catalysts, the entrepreneurs have learned that networking will help them to perform better in the future. This can also be witnessed in several networking activities that have developed through the touristic platform (touristic arrangements involving groups of entrepreneurs etc.). Until the end of 2010, the touristic catalysts initiated meetings of the touristic platform and the core team. Now, the core team is being converted into a business association to continue its activities independently.
 Contact details  Michiel BusAves-TuraLangewolderweg 319821PN