Name / Title

The Forest Management Institute (FMI)

Case Study Region

Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravia Region)

Geographical coverage

Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravia Region), Branch Brno


Government; advice service


Main activity / focus


To ensure that forest owners understand all the information about how to maximize profits from forest management, while respecting the laws affecting forestry, another activities are consultation, methodological and edification activities.

Target beneficiaries / market


Forest specialist landlords, representatives of associations of forest owners and professional forestry organizations, state forest administration, and others.

Year established


The Ministry of Agriculture established The Forest Mensurational Office in Brandýs nad Labem in 1935 as a substitute for the abandoned offices of the Regional State Forests and Farms Directories.

Current Funding source(s)

Support from Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic


No partners.





Subject of activity:

Forest inventory in the Czech Republic (FI)

Forest inventory is the independent survey of forest lands and their development. By means of the forest inventory information collected, the organization’s focus is especially on growing stock and the forest’s functionality as an important renewable natural resource and crucial part of the environment. The most modern terrain equipment is used for the data collection.

The compilation and administration of Regional Plans of Forest Development (RPFD) data including the execution of uniform forest typologic system in the Czech Republic

Regional Plans of Forest Development (RPFD) are the defining principles of forest management according to the natural forest areas in the Czech Republic. They stem from the concept of sustainable forest management and hope to minimize conflict between societal interests and those of particular forest owners. These principles serve as information resources for executing forest management plans, forest management outlines, as well as the support for government administration decision making.

Information and Data Centre (IDC) for forest and game management sector of the Czech Republic

The Information and Data Centre executes the administration of the central database and archives on forests and game management in the Czech Republic which includes monitoring data and other related information. The most important function is the regular administration and entry of forest and forest management data collected in the Czech Republic and the accessibility of this data to the bodies of forest administration in the government and to the interested public.

Providing information services within forest certification of the Czech Republic

Forestcertification is the process of an independent organization issuing a certificate confirming that forest management fulfills the predefined criteria of sustainable forest management. The National Certification Centre is a department of the FMI. The National Certification Centre provides information service and support for the implementation of forest certification in the Czech Republic.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, every year the FMI contributes to the “Forestand Forest Management Report of the Czech Republic”, elaboration of other analysis, methodologies, layouts and prognosis. The FMI is also involved in domestic and international research projects as well as working in the area of consultation,methodological and edification activities (forest education activities).


Contact details


Ústav pro hospodářskou úpravu lesů
(Forest Management Institute)
Brandýs nad Labem
Branch Brno
Vrázova 1
616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 544 509 811
Fax.: +420 541 211 186