Name / Title

Swedish Lapland

Case Study Region

Övre Norrland, Sweden

Geographical coverage

The county of Norrbotten as well as the municipality of Skellefteå in the county of Västerbotten


Public organisation

Main activity / focus

Supporting business development through attracting tourists

Target beneficiaries / market

Businesses in Lapland

Year established


Current Funding source(s)

County Administrative Boards of Norrbotten and Västerbotten
The municipality of Skellefteå
The EU regional fund 


The organisation called Swedish Lapland Tourism runs the initiative 





Lapland is traditionally the name of the area where the Sami population lives in Sweden. It covers large parts of the counties of Norrbotten and Västerbotten. It contains vast regions of wilderness with large forests, many lakes and mountains. It has however not traditionally been marketed as a coherent region.

In 2001 the organisation Swedish Lapland Tourism was established. (taking over after a previous organisation covering the area of Norrbotten called “Norrbottens Turistråd.) The aim is to make the region more attractive and competitive and thereby attracting more visitors from both other parts of Sweden and other countries.

By presenting the region as a coherent destination and strengthen the image of Lapland as exotic, beautiful and different from other parts of the world the area will stand out better in the competence. In addition cooperation is increased between actors in the tourism sector in the region. Many of these actors are small firms with restricted resources for marketing etc. By becoming part of a larger destination their marketing is improved.

The work in Swedish Lapland is organised with a bottom up perspective.  In the organisation a number of local tourism destinations are members. They in turn represent the local entrepreneurs’ active in the tourism sector. The more operational work in the organisation is carried out by the Managing Director and two co-workers at the office in the city of Luleå.

Swedish Lapland is cooperates with the larger national organisation for tourism destinations called VisitSweden.

An activity carried out by Swedish Lapland is for example visits to trade fares where both the overall destination of Lapland as well as specific local tourism businesses is being marketed.

The Swedish Lapland organization won for example the prize for best stand at the Wilderness Fair in Stockholm in 2009. The number of visitors to the area is increasing, and the turnover for the tourism industry in Swedish Lapland has increased with 50% the latest six years..

Through improving the cooperation between actors involved in the tourism sector within Swedish Lapland, and through improved marketing and branding the contacts between regional actors and international guests and businesses increases and new networks are developed.


Contact details


Swedish Lapland Tourism Ekonomisk Förening.
Kyrkogatan 13,
SE-972 32 Luleå, Sweden

Managing Director
Jan-Erik Jaensson