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Name / Title

Support of forest recreational function by ‘Lesy České republiky, s.p’

Case Study Region

Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravia Region)

Geographical coverage

Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravia Region), Branch in Brno




Main activity / focus


The state-owned enterprise ”Lesy České republiky, s.p.”, as the administrator of state forest property is concerned with provision, in an exemplary manner, the public interest in forest. To support the development of the most important public functions of forests adopted Programme 2000 Provision of Public-Interest Aims introduced idea of best practices. It shows that foresters can manage territories requiring special care just as well as nature conservationists. One possibility is to use the forest for their recreation function.

Target beneficiaries / market

Rural inhabitants; forestry planters.


Year established


LČR in the role of administrator of forest estate has a specific standing. It was established as a state-owned enterprise in 1992.

Programme 2000 Provision of Public-Interest Aims was established in 2000.


Current Funding source(s)

The state-owned enterprise ”Lesy České republiky, s.p.”

Company provides from its own funds, from the generated profit. Every year they puts in about 30 million CZK.


Programme 2000 Provision of Public-Interest Aims is funded under the state-owned enterprise ”Lesy České republiky, s.p.”








The state is concerned with the sustainable and equitable utilisation of the forest as a renewable natural source and with use of the publicly beneficial functions if the forest in the public interest. It´s important for all citizens to ensure conservation of the effectiveness of the water-management role of the forest, ensuring of the soil-conservation, but also to encourage recreational function of forests.

There is no another way but to be continually conscious of the fact that the visitor comes to the forest mainly to rest, take in new energy and calm down. And as the visitor has his own views on the forest, he wishes to assert them in discussions on the methods of practised forest management which may differ from his concepts. There must be constant communication with him, including patient explanation of the management methods for so long until the argumentation is accepted.

One of the reasons for creation of the Programme is to also effort to prove that foresters can manage territories requiring special care just as well as nature conservationists.

One of thebest practices in the region of South Moravia is to work on renewal, development and maintenance of tourist lookout towers in forest. In the most cases this encourage practical and financial co-operation with local authorities.

Another best practices is renewal and maintenance of trails, footpaths and walkways for hiking. This ideal help to use potential of forest and protect the area by using renewal trails.

It is important to mention also opening out of small resting places in the vicinity of important stand elements.  Use to be made of information boards giving data on LČR, the method of its management and the reasons for it at suitably selected localities; explanation of what makes the locality important.

And in the last case it might be redevelopment and maintenance of cycle tourist tracks and another good idea is to build recreational field educational and informational system. An appropriate information system is created for the purpose of facilitating the orientation.  The information system associated with develop and maintenance of nature trail for ecological education.


Contact details


Lesy České republiky, s. p.
Jezuitská 13
602 00 Brno

Phone: +420 542513200
Fax: +420 542513214
Email: oi16@lesycr.cz