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Name / Title

Russian Saturday School

Case Study Region

Alytus county, Lithuania

Geographical coverage

Alytus city and surroundings, cooperation with other cultural/educational organizations in smaller towns


Training scheme; government

 Main activity / focus

Integration of national minorities into Lithuanian society, it’s cultural and educational life. Teaching of Russian language, literature, culture and history.


Target beneficiaries / market


Children and youth. Those who choose to learn Russian as a second foreign language or want to improve their Russian language skills. Some of members are children from mixed families (one of parents or relatives is Russian) and some are Lithuanian. Pupils are often encouraged by parents or grandparents, who want to uphold Russian heritage. In 2010 a student of international relations was also improving his Russian knowledge in this school. Learning Russian opens young people better cognitive and communication posibilities with neighbouring countries (Alytus county is close to Belarus, Poland and Russia). Russians can also learn Lithuanian language in Alytus Youth and Adult School.


Year established


Russian Sunday School was established in 2002 by Alytus City Board, in 2010 it changed name to Russian Saturday School


Current Funding source(s)

Budget organization. It was approved and is funded by Alytus city municipality. Russian Saturday School also cooperates and prepares various cultural projects with other public organizations.

Russian Saturday school is supported by Russian Embassy in Lithuania. Russian Embassy supports various events related to Russian culture, improves the material base of Alytus Russian Saturday School, for best pupils provides camps and trips in Russia.


approx. 25


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After liquidation of 3rd Secondary Russian School in 2001 in Alytus, Russian Saturday) School is the only Russian education institution in the region. It functions as a section of Alytus Youth and Adult School:

Alytus Russian Saturday school:

1. Teaches Russian language and literature. Training is organized in a complex way, pupils are introduced to Russian culture, history, art and folklore.

2. Organizes events, performances, exhibitions in order to present Russian literature, culture, history, folklore and art, this way creating dialogue with the local society.

3. Participates in seminars, meetings with experts, conferences related to migration and demographic changes. Organizes some of them as well.

4. Participates in regional and national cultural events, it already became an annual tradition to participate in Lithuanian National Community and Sunday (Saturday) School Festivals. 

5. Prepares and implements cooperation projects with other public organizations in Lithuania and abroad. Currently prepares exchange programme with Karelian College, has cooperation plans with Saint Petersburg and Latvia.

The school coordinator, Russian language and literature teacher Nadiežda Krakovskaja gives a lot of personal contribution, ideas, energy and voluntary work to develop activities, find financing and sustain the school.


Contact details


Russian Saturday School
Coordinator, Nadiežda Krakovskaja
Phone: 8-315-52454; 8-315-51146

Alytus Youth and Adult School
Miklusėnų street 36, Alytus, LT-62333
Phone: 8-315-77409; 8-657-43141