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Name / Title

Renewal of windbreaks in South Moravia

Case Study Region

Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravia Region)

Geographical coverage

Znojmo district
(2008 – cadastre of 6 communities, 2010 –  cadastre of 14 communities) 


Regional forest management; project

Main activity / focus


Renewed windbreaks in the future provide, in addition to the priority of anti-deflation function, another yet undervalued benefits, such as a refuge for wild animals, as a stabilizing element in the rural landscape.

Target beneficiaries / market

Agricultural subjects, local population, communities

Year established

First stage started in 2008, second stage in 2010.

Current Funding source(s)

Operation Programme Environment within the caption Renewal of Landscape Structures (Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic) subsidized by the European Union.


Regional forest enterprise Znojmo.





Eye-catchers in the flatland of South Moravia are the lines of windbreaks, which put a final seal to the character of the local landscape. The mass planting of windbreaks started at the beginning of the 1950s. The main objective for planting the windbreaks was to reduce the risk of wind erosion and to retain within the landscape the so much needed moisture. The poor care of windbreaks is the most frequent subject to criticism.

According to legislation, windbreaks or more correctly shelterbelts belong in the category of protection forests and their management is therefore in the competence of forest enterprises. Although the foresters run required records on the windbreaks including the plans of their management, the plans were seldom implemented. This crucial discrepancy remained unsolved for several tens of years and the current poor condition of windbreaks is sad evidence to the fact.

The situation considerably improved only recently thanks to the fact that the renewal of windbreaks had been ranked with activities subsidized by the European Union from the Operation Programme Environment within the caption Renewal of Landscape Structures. The first part of the extensive renewal of windbreaks was started at the end of 2008 and the second part is just being implemented in the Znojmo district. Lesy ČR, s.p. (Forests of the Czech Republic, State Enterprise) have launched the reconstruction of windbreaks so that they could carry out all functions necessary for the local landscape. In many cases, the windbreaks have to be completely restored including the species composition that should be close to the potential natural vegetation. At some other places, dying trees have to be removed as well as aggressive allochthonous woody plants suppressing by their vitality the autochthonous native species. Young trees have to be protected against game browsing. The maintenance of windbreaks is costly and cannot be done without additional funding. Moreover, the renewed windbreaks begin to fulfil their functions only after several years and become properly functional in about 30 years when they will serve farmers but also plants and animals as a refuge. Windbreaks will put a final touch to the landscape character and will reduce dust formation on roads, which could be then used for outings or bike trips. Thus, the windbreaks will serve the entire community.

Restored windbreaks will be mainly in the worst state in the southeastern part of the Znojmo region. It will be a total of nearly 13 ha of shelterbelts in the totallength 6700 m, which will protect the country with financial support from EU funds.


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Ing. Přemysl Voborník
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