Name / Title

Ramesch Forum für Interkulturelle Begegnung e.V. (Ramesh Forum for Intercultural Encounter, registered association)

Case Study Region

Saarland, administrative district of Merzig-Wadern

Geographical coverage

Seat in Saarbrücken; operating state-wide


Registered association


Main activity / focus


Ramesch offers annual series of events with changing focal themes. Within this frame, lectures, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, readings, movie series, drama productions and much more take place. Furthermore, the association offers the following services to everyone interested, such as kindergartens, schools, youth centres and similar institutions:

  • Advice regarding the topics migration and integration,
  • Intercultural sensitizing and regional studies,
  • Religious studies/Interreligious dialogue
  • Workshops for children and adolescents of different culture groups with project leaders with a migrational background
  • Further education for disseminators
  • Various measures to promote language competences in children
  • Collaboration in different study groups
  • Media library and media counselling

Target beneficiaries / market


Year established



Current Funding source(s)

Ramesch is subsidized by the Saarland state government. Moreover, the association is funded through membership fees, contributions of its friends and sponsors and through contributions and donations of third party.

Among the sponsors are:

  • Ministry of Labour, Family, Prevention, Social matters and Sports
  • Ministry of Education
  • State capital Saarbrücken
  • Arbeit und Kultur Saarland GmbH
  • Sparkassen- und Giroverband Finanzgruppe Saar
  • Urban community Saarbrücken


Ramesch organises its event program in cooperation with authorities, associations and important educational and cultural institutions. 






Ramesch’s goal ist he promotion of tolerance, acceptance and integration of people, regardless of their origin, culture, religion on the basis of communication and encounter. The association is cooperating with regional and supra-regional institutions and is operating in the entire Saarland.