Name / Title

Project: “Competency Development of Business Management and Cooperation”

Lead partner – public institution: Alytus Business Advisory Centre” 

Case Study Region

Alytus county

Geographical coverage

Alytus (Lithuania) and Gdansk (Poland) regions


Project; training scheme; business


Main activity / focus


General project objective – to consolidate Alytus and Gdansk regions’ trade communities, stimulating trade management and cooperation competency.


Target beneficiaries / market


The concerned group of project– Lithuania (Alytus) and Poland (Gdansk) members of business community. The concerned group members – members of business community – will attend in trainings, business tournaments.  

Benefit receivers of project– borderers, businessman, public administration institutions.

Year established


Current Funding source(s)

The project is partially funded by EU, Neighbourhood Programme Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation INTERREG IIIa


3 Project partners/network brokers: PI “Alytus Business Advisory Centre” (Lithuania), PI „Project Management Centre” (Lithuania) and from Gdansk “Free Entrepreneurship Association” (Poland). 

Members of the project– Lithuania (Alytus) and Poland (Gdansk), other representatives of local business institutions, local inhabitants, press representatives other interested persons will attend project activities.






Particular project objectives:

  • Stimulate understanding and information of cross-border cooperation in business society;
  • Form and develop local ant regional business organizations’ business management competencies guide by EU practice;
  • Consolidate international cooperation in business development in Lithuania and Poland cross-border regions;
  • Stimulate cooperation between business organizations and scholar institutions preparing graduates in business specialities.

The main activities of the projecttrainings, competency development of business management and cooperation, (training duration 112 hours in each state.) and „Business Tournament“ (duration 2 days in each state) in Alytus and Gdansk regions . 

The main project activities– administration/management of the project, publicity.

Sustainability (durability) of project results– will be acquired under needs of businessmen further organizing trainings developing cooperation and business management, developing cooperative contacts established between Lithuanian and Polish businessmen,  increased number of businessmen cross-border cooperation initiatives and increasing employment possibilities of the student participating in the project by demonstrating their gained knowledge to local and neighbour state businessmen.

Effect of the project –positive social effect, stimulating cross-border cooperation between businessmen and students studying business management also increase youth employment not only in local market but in international scale. 

Economic effect of the project – evidence in development of businessmen cross-border cooperation possibilities, establishment of new contacts, in initiating new projects, knowledge improvement in business management and competitive abilities and attracting talented youth into business. That liven business and its’ cross-border environment and stimulate growth of region economy.


Contact details


Algimanta Ščiglinskienė
Director of Alytus Business Advisory Center
S. Dariaus and S. Girėno street 2
LT-62137, Alytus
Phone.: +370 315 74357
Fax.: +370 315 74068