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Name / Title

Project “Alytusand Balstogė – Suvalkai Regions’ Business Cooperation Development and Increase of Competitiveness in EU Markets“
Implemented by public organization “South Lithuanian Business Co-operation Centre” (founder Alytus Region Business Association) 

Case Study Region

Alytus county

Geographical coverage

Alytus and Balstogė, Suvalkai Regions (Lithuanian and Polish regions)


Project; advice service; business


Main activity / focus


Main targeted problem is uneven border regions (Alytus and Baltstogė – suvalkai regions) economic-social development and lag behind the big Lithuanian and Polish cities, as well as inability to compete in global economic market

Target beneficiaries / market

Small and medium enterprises and their managers from Alytusand Balstogė, Suvalkai Regions

Year established



Current Funding source(s)

Project is partly funded by European Territorial Cooperation

Objective Lithuanian and Polish Cross-border Cooperation programme, Small Project Fund

European Regional Development Fund, Active Neighbours, Lithuanian and Polish Cross-border Cooperation Small Project fund – special Lithuanian and Polish cross-border cooperation programme funding scheme for small projects


Project partners/network brokers:

Public organization South Lithuanian Business Co-operation Centre (founder Alytus Region Business Association), Lithuania

Fundacja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości (Business Development Fund), Poland





The main objective of the project – to increase the competitiveness of border region small and medium enterprises aiming sustainable integration into markets of EU countries. This objective is targeted by these tasks:

  1. To create and develop direct contacts between Alytus and Baltstogė – business communities of Suvalkai regions by creating Alytus and Baltstogė – Suvalkai regions informational small and medium enterprise database.  
  2. To increase border region competitiveness and market accessibilityby organizing mobile exhibitions “Alytus and Baltstogė – Suvalkai Regions Business Introduces”.
  3. to strengthen the knowledge, competences and communication skills of enterprise managers using common conferences. 

In difficult economic situation the most vulnerable business group is micro, small and medium enterprises. Working separately they are not able to compete in global market therefore it is necessary for them to join into networks and by joint activities to become competitive in EU and World economic markets, get bigger orders.


Contact details


Aldona Dalia Matukienė
South Lithuanian Business Co-operation Centre
Rotušės sq. 16/220
LT-62141 Alytus, Lithuania
Tel./fax: + 370 315 74002