primorska tech park.png

Name / Title

PrimorskaTechnology Park

Case Study Region

Goriška region, Slovenia

Geographical coverage

Primorska region (NUTS 3 regions: Goriška, Littoral, Notranjska); altogether 25 municipalities)


Business; funding scheme; advice service

Main activity / focus

Incubator for inventive and prosperous enterprises.

Target beneficiaries / market

Innovative entrepreneurs in cross-border region (Slovenia-Italy).

Year established

The firm was founded in 1999, new building opening in 2005.

Current Funding source(s)

  • Slovene Enterprise Fund,
  • Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments,
  • Municipalityof NovaGorica, Municipality of Šempeter-Vrtojba,
  • Universityof NovaGorica,
  • firms (Iskra Avtoelektrika, Elektro Primorska d.d.)


Firms can be registered as:
– “regular members” (when the firm is successful on public calls, appointed by Programme council of Primorska Technology Park according to firm’s business plan),
– “new regular members” (newly established firms, younger than 1 year) and
– “associate members” (candidates that applied for membership).

40 firms have reached stage “regular member” till 2009, and 19 “new regular members” in March 2009 (Delo, 17. 4. 2009, p. 10)


  • environment (ECOPLUS, EKOLOGIKMONT etc.),
  • energetics (Topsol etc.),
  • automotive (Agroko mehatronika etc.),
  • nano industry (Nanolab, Instrumentation Technologies etc.),
  • ICT (4 design, AA Media, Argus, I-svet, IT-Help, Multitech, Neptune digital, Carpediem, Celtra etc.).





Primorska Technology Park Ltd. is a company involved in setting-up, operation and growth of innovative technology firms. Primorska Technology park offers help to firms when coping with entrepreneurial and market issues: this aid is focused on developing firms own products and services and entering the market. The idea of the initiative is to be open for Slovenian and Italian firms for the purpose of creating internationally recognizable business environment. The latest should be attractive for top-quality, innovative, high-tech and R&D firms and therefore contributing to the regional development.

PrimorskaTechnology Parkis recruiting new members all the time, it evaluates and stimulates new ideas and firms to join. One can become a member of Primorska Technology Park when he/she is registered as a firm, individual entrepreneur of R&D sector within the firm; the firm needs to be  highly oriented in development, technology and innovativeness of products, services or processes, demonstrate high market potential, and successful in fulfilling market niche.

The results are being quantitatively measured (number of working places, newly created products): for example 45 high-tech working places and 18 new products and services in 2008 (Delo, 13. 6. 2009, p. 16).

When a firm is selected by the Programme council of Primorska Technology park it may apply (with the help of Primorska Technology Park) for firm impetus at special public calls. For example, it can be co-financed by  Slovene Enterprise Fund (for new firms set-up, new products/services development) and Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments that enables single firm with 70.000 € in three years (it is obligatory that the firm is a member of Primorska Technology Park).

Quite common methodology has already been used several times in rural areas.


Contact details


Mr. Stojan Ščuka,

Primorski tehnološki park d.o.o., Mednarodni prehod 6, Vrtojba, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici