Name / Title

Občina Lendava
(English: Municipality Lendava)

Case Study Region


Geographical coverage

local and regional level: Pomurska region


Local governance


Main activity / focus


Municipality is on a regular basis running the activities linked to its local governance role but is additionally being very active and supporting in developing new projects focused mostly on sustainable tourism development as well as on nature protection not only on the territory of the municipality but also on the entire Pomurska region. Through the partnership with institutions in Croatia as well as in Hungary it is also launching its project ideas as well as the mutual activities in a wider cross border area(s).

Target beneficiaries / market


Directly: population of the Municipality of Lendava
Indirectly: entire population of Pomurska as well as of the cross border area with Hungary

Year established

Circa 1955 – 1964

Current Funding source(s)

State and local funding for the functioning of the Municipality; EU funds for various projects that are ran by the Municipality or the Municipality is the project partner


Municipality Lendava






The Municipality Lendava was chosen as a good practice due to its support, involvement as well as the implementation of various projects focused on sustainable tourism development of the territory of the municipality, in the area of Pomurska region as well as in the cross border perspective. Their main goal in tourism development is its sustainability which they tend to achieve through innovative projects based on local and regional environmental resources as well as on the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The Municipality is one of the most active local communities in Pomurska region and represents a good example on how the support of local communities is crucial also in generating as well as supporting the projects that can potentially influence the overall sustainable regional development.

Currently Municipality Lendava uses the advantage of its cross border location and is also actively asking for the financial support through the cross border Operative program Slovenia – Hungary and Slovenia – Croatia; additionally it is successfully using other EU programs in order to implement the projects on the municipal territory. 

Recently they are project partners in the projects:

  • Ecomuseum Mura which has the main idea on linking the regional environmental resources and cultural heritage as well as the tradition of the region into new sustainable tourism products. Indirectly the project will positively influence the environmental protection along Mura river and through education activities it will promote not only the nature protection but also the importance of cultural heritage preservation.
  • Water as the environment pearl focused on the efficient preservation and management of natural and water sources thorough the strengthening of the cross border (with Hungary) networking in this matter.

They are leading the project “Tourism trail in Lendavske gorice” and they are waiting for the approval of various other sustainable tourism projects – the project applications were submitted to the calls of the OP with Hungary and Croatia.


Contact details


Občina Lendava (Municipality Lendava)
Glavna ulica 20
SI-9220 Lendava
Phone: +386 (0) 2 577 25 00
Fax:+386 (0) 2 577 25 09
E-mail: obcina@lendava.si