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Name / Title


“Mutual Help and Cooperation Network” – “WOOD NETWORK”

The network is the outcome of a project entitled “Upgrading of Wood Processing Specialist Professional Skills by Fostering Employability Growth and Entrepreneurship in Alytus Region”

Case Study Region

Alytus county (LT)

Geographical coverage

Alytus county


 Business, training scheme, advice service, partnership

Main activity / focus


“Mutual Help and Cooperation Network” – “WOOD NETWORK” is a cooperation platform between training organizations, business enterprises, business support and employment institutions.

Project implementation goals:

  • Upgrading professional skills of wood processing specialists in Alytus region;
  • Fostering of cooperation among wood processing enterprises, training institutions and business support institutions by increasing employability and entrepreneurship;
  • Development of high quality training services, meeting the needs of wood processing sector and creating preconditions for employment of qualified workers.

Target beneficiaries / market

The project target group is unemployed persons (male and female) aged from 16 to 25 (registered at Labour Exchange or redundant) with vocational education.

Year established


Current Funding source(s)


EU Phare ESC 2001 Programme Project

Project support: Alytus City municipality and Governor, Administration of Alytus County




Project contractor: Alytus Business Advisory Centre – project manager Algimanta Ščiglinskienė, project administrator Reda Vaikšnorienė
Project partner: Lithuanian Association of Adult Education – Alytus department manager Aldona Lesevičienė
Project partner public institution: “Alytus Labour Market Training Centre” – manager Algis Plytnikas
Project partner: joint stock company “Jundos stalių gaminiai” – wood processing company manager Gediminas Jegelevičius
Alytus College Lithuanian Association of Adult Education – project consultant Rozalija Radlinskaitė

Vytautas the Great University – project assessor Ramūnas Kuncaitis
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University – project expert doc. Vytautas Pauža
Ministry of Education and Science, Career Training Methodology Centre – project expert professor Valdas Dienys







The main project activities include:

  1. Preparation of programs for wood processing workers’ qualification upgrading;
  2. Organization and implementation of courses for wood processing workers’ qualification upgrading;
  3. Creation of cooperation and mutual help network among training business support organizations and business enterprises in the area of wood processing;
  4. Employment of project participants in wood processing enterprises in Alytus region;
  5. Information dissemination about the project results and gained experience for the society of Alytus region and Lithuania.

Project results so far:

  • Prepared 3 programs for wood processing workers’ qualification upgrading;
  • Trained 52 project participants aged from 16 to 25, with speciality of wood processing;
  • Employed 52 target group project participants in wood processing enterprises in Alytus region;
  • Formed information mutual help and cooperation network on the internet, 10 vocational training, business support and wood processing enterprises linked together in a modern infrastructure.

Ongoing Activities:

  1. The programs for wood processing workers’ qualification upgrading that were prepared during the project will be continued to implement by upgrading qualification of specialists corresponding to EU standards and needs of wood processing enterprises in Alytus region.
  2. The programs can be adapted in other regions of Lithuania for wood processing workers’ qualification upgrading and employability fostering.
  3. “Mutual help and cooperation network” – “WOOD NETWORK” will strive to develop and include other wood enterprises, professional training and business support organizations for creation of new quality services and products. Cooperation of wood processing enterprises, vocational training and business support and employment organizations was the first step to WOOD CLUSTER development, like new product for South Lithuania region. 


Contact details



Algimanta Ščiglinskienė, director,
Alytus Business Advisory Center
S. Dariaus and S. Girėno street 2
LT-62137, Alytus

Phone: +370 315 74357
Mob. phone: +370 652 81500
Fax: +370 315 74068
E-mail: alytusbas@perkunas.omnitel.net