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Name / Title

Raj za kolesarje; Moravske toplice z okolico
(English: Pomurje on bike)

Case Study Region


Geographical coverage

regional level: Pomurska region
international level: Slovenia –  Hungary border areas


Business; project

Main activity / focus

Creation and marketing of a new sustainable tourism product – biking trails

Target beneficiaries / market

Tourist Information Centre Moravske Toplice, caterers and suppliers of tourism facilities along the biking routes

Year established


Current Funding source(s)

EU, Tourist Information Centre Moravske Toplice, Municipality Moravske Toplice, Municipality Kercaszomor (Hungary), Public communal enterprise Čista Narava


Tourist Information Centre Moravske Toplice, Municipality Moravske Toplice, Municipality Kercaszomor (Hungary), Public communal enterprise Čista Narava, Bike Center Moravske Toplice (Mr. Sergej Kaučevič, biking expert)






Within the project “Paradise for bikers” which was initially supported and co-financed by the EU funds the new biking trails have been established and marked. The project main objective was the establishment of the net of cross border biking trails which would importantly contribute to the tourism infrastructure and offer in the area as well as it would promote the sustainable means of transportation as well as recreation. These biking trails were given a local name (in Prekmurje dialect) which indirectly influences the preservation of the language and cultural richness of the region.

Trails are equipped by traffic signs as well as with information plates indicating the complementary tourism offer. Each trail also holds the number and has direction signs. Biking trails as a sustainable tourism product became very important part of the tourism off the border area (both municipalities). The product was carefully designed and well planned. They have made the Marketing plan as well as the plan of promotional activities. The dissemination of results (the ten new biking trails) was done through the folders in 4 languages as well as though various project presentations, articles in media etc. The project was chosen as an example of good practice due to complex approach  –  namely, they managed not only to design new biking trails, detailed maps of trails and information along them, but they have also made a well targeted promotion which reflects in the number of overnight stays as well as in the number of users/bikers. The latest also persuaded more locals along these trails to start to offer their products or services.

An important side effect is also the use of biking trails by locals which has positive health effect as well as enables the local population to discover their own region and its potentials.


Contact details


TIC Moravske Toplice
Kranjčeva 3
SI-9226 Moravske Toplice
Phone: +386 (0) 2 538 1520
Fax: +386 (0) 2 538 1522
Email: tic.moravci@siol.net