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Name / Title


Lithuanian and Polish International Training and Business Centre project

Implemented by public organization “South Lithuanian Business Cooperation Centre” (founder Alytus Region Business Association)

Case Study Region

Alytus county (LT)

Geographical coverage


Suvalkai city and county (Poland) and Alytus city and county (Lithuania)


Project, business, training scheme, partnership


Main activity / focus


The project responds to the general strategic programme objectives to stimulate sustainable border region development, and to increase economic and social small and medium business cross-border cohesion.

The project aims to ensure successful collaboration conditions by encouraging common participation in practical specialist training, and developing common knowledge of new service technologies in order to expand both Polish and Lithuanian service markets. Besides these common economic activities, the project offers possibilities for making new social contacts and establishing links with sector specialists working across the border region.   


Target beneficiaries / market


Small and medium firm owners based in Suvalkai city and county and Alytus city and county, and specifically representatives of two related professions – hairdressers and cosmetologists.

Year established



Current Funding source(s)


 The project is partly funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Objective Lithuanian and Polish Cross-border Cooperation Programme; Small Project Fund European Regional Development Fund; and Active Neighbours, Lithuanian and Polish Cross-border Cooperation Small Project fund.




Project partners:

– Public organization “South Lithuanian Business Co-operation Centre”, Lithuania
– Cech Rzemieslnikow i Przedsiebiorcow (Workshop of Artisans and Businessmen), Poland
– Applicant – Cech Rzemieslnikow i Przedsiebiorcow, traditional Polish business-persons organization established in 1926, which now unites around 100 various small business representatives.





Project activities:

  • Establishment of Lithuanian and Polish International Training and Business Centre. The structure of this centre will be created on both sides of the border – in Suvalkai and Alytus. Activities coordinated by the centre to include various professional training courses, business meetings, presentation of products and services, organization of preparatory courses, qualification exams, and the permanent update of informational database of firms in Suvalkai and Alytus. This database will hosted by the new website and constantly updated with information about new firms and their areas of activities.
  • Organization of common practical and theoretical trainings in Suvalkai and Alytus, exchanging the groups of participants. Two parallel practical trainings will be organized – for hairdressers in Suvalkai and for cosmetic specialists in Alytus: active professional training system presenting the innovations and integrating the participants.
  • Organization of International Hairstyle and Make-up Tendencies’ Presentation ”News 2010” in Suvalkai for Polish and Lithuanian business people. Known hair and cosmetic equipment and gear representatives participated in the event. 10 stands with producers presenting their products for hair and cosmetic salons were open. The anticipated number of participants was 80 people. Representatives from local newspapers and television participated in the event.
  • Preparation of promotional booklet about the event International Hairstyle and Make-up Tendencies’ Presentation ”News 2010” including information about small companies and their services in both regions. The booklet will include information in both languages and will present the new structure, Lithuanian and Polish International Training and Business Centre, it’s aims and activities as well as information about the created database and website. The publication is intended for all interested regional small firms.


Contact details



Aldona Dalia Matukienė
South Lithuanian Business Co-operation Centre
Address: Rotušės sq. 16/220, Alytus LT-62141
Tel./fax: + 370 315 74002