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Name / Title

„LEDSaxony“: Beleuchtungskonzept im Landkreis Görlitz („LEDSaxony“: lightning concept in the district Görlitz)

Case Study Region


Dresden region (Direktionsbezirk Dresden), Upper Lusatia and Lower Silesia (Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien)

Geographical coverage

The lightning concept is implemented in two cities of the district Görlitz – namely in Görlitz and Löbau.


Funding scheme; project


Main activity / focus


The concept “LEDSaxony” – initiated by the district Görlitz – is a comprehensive LED-concept (light-emitting diode) for the street lighting in the cities Görlitz and Löbau. “LEDSaxony” is designed for a time period of 40 years, and it should be implemented within a period of 18 months (from April 2010 onwards).

Target beneficiaries / market

Municipalities Görlitz and Löbau, regional economy, citizens and visitors of the cities.

Year established



Current Funding source(s)

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

In the context of the competition “Kommunen in neuem Licht” (municipalities in a new light) the Federal Ministry of Education and Research intends to bring newest research results from the field LED lightning to practical experience as quickly as possible. The competition is part of a LED initiative that supports the transfer of technology in the context of a high-tech strategy of the Federal Government. Altogether ten projects – selected by an independent interdisciplinary jury – will get financial support up to EUR  2 mio. in each case (altogether EUR 20 mio.).


Cities Görlitz and Löbau, University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (technical and social-scientific evaluation of the project).

(Altogether seven partners from regional industrial sector were involved in the elaboration of the concept “LEDSaxony”.)







Currently, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are introduced on the world market in more and more fields of application. Main advantages of the LED technology are energy saving, longevity, environment-friendly disposal and new possibilities of customized illumination. In order to benefit from these advantages and to enter new markets the BMBF together with partners from research and economy initiated a LED initiative at the beginning of 2009.

The BMBF competition “municipalities in a new light” aims at the utilization of this new LED lighting technology in municipalities. The spectrum of submitted proposals respectively concepts covers planning activities, the realization of LED projects, research activities about the effects of LED lighting on humans and animals, and research activities regarding the acceptance of LED lighting by citizens. An interdisciplinary jury evaluated the proposals und chose ten winning concepts.

One of these ten winning concepts is the initiative “LEDSaxony” of the district Görlitz. It is a comprehensive LED concept that aims at modernizing the street lightning in the cities Görlitz and Löbau. With regard to the planned Saxon National Exhibition Via Regia and a horticultural show the LED project is very important for the touristic development of the district Görlitz. Different types of illumination should emphasize the beauty of architecture and townscapes. In Görlitz the 550 existing mercury vapour lamps will be substituted by modern energy-efficient LED lamps. The local part of the Via Regia (historical European trade route) will be equipped with 100 LED glowing steles. Besides, several historical buildings in the city Görlitz (a.o. the historico-cultural museum and the Silesian museum) will be illuminated by specific LED architecture lamps. In the city Löbau altogether 400 mercury vapour lamps will be substituted by LED lamps. The concept has been elaborated together with seven partners from regional industries located in Löbau and Dresden. Thus, the use of high-efficient LED technologies developed in Germany can be warranted.


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