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Name / Title

Landesverband SaarLandFrauen e.V.
(Saar Women’s’ Association)

Case Study Region


Geographical coverage

Saarland: six regional chapters (Merzig-Wadern, Saarlouis, Saar-Pfalz-Kreis, Neunkirchen, St. Wendel, regional association Saarbrücken)



Registered association; grassroots development initiative; training scheme


Main activity / focus


One of the main goals is a stronger promotion of the interests of peasant women and women in rural areas and to offer them measures of further education. Furthermore, professional training programs and further education are offered within the frame of the child, youth and adult education.

Target beneficiaries / market

Women in rural areas, but also children and youth.

Year established

The association was founded on 10th January 1957 at Blieskastel.


Current Funding source(s)

The association is financially supported by:
– Members (membership fees)
– Founding members
– Saarland Ministry of Education
– Saarland ministry of Economy and Science
– Saarland dairy association (project related funding)
– Saarland Ministry of Environment (until 2009)
– CMA – Centrale Marketing-Gesellschaft der deutschen Agrarwirtschaft mbH i.L. (central marketing association) (until 2009)


The SaarLandFrauen association cooperates with several partners through its 70 local associations and over 4.000 members. Among these partners are:
– Saarland chamber of agriculture
– the farmer’s association e.V.
– the Saarland customer advice centre
– the state-wide work group “Pro Ehrenamt” (for volunteering)
– the state-wide workgroup for general and political further education of the Ministry of Education
– Women’s council
– the advisory board of the administrative body of the Bliesgau biosphere
– “Unser Dorf hat Zukunft” (‘Our village has a future’): evaluation commission of the Ministry of Environment on a state level
– The state-wide workgroup for health promotion
– Expert discussions ‘healthy diet in full-time education and care institutions’ within the frame of the Saarland network unit school food
– Advisory board of the development plan for the rural areas in Saarland (EPLR Saar)
– German rural women’s association (German abbreviation: dlv)





The association advocates a healthy nutrition for children and youths. This is to be achieved through awareness projects, as “Fit mit Milch“ (fit through milk) (2005), in order to introduce youths to a daily consume of milk and milk products in a more efficient way. Hereby, theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted to children.

The project “Gesundes (Pausen-) Frühstück” (healthy breakfast (in school)) involved cooking classes with regional products especially for youths. In the field of adult education, there is the “Landfrauen Bildungseinrichtung” (rural women education centre) which is offering general and political further education and which is open to women of all ages and professions. The mostly target group oriented further education programs include lectures, courses and seminars of different subjects. Topics of different subjects like nutrition, health, women/society/psychology, law and insurance questions, women-related topics, nature and environment, arts and culture, creativity etc. are taken up.


Contact details


Vera Backes M.A.
Executive director / education officer
Heinestraße 2-4
66121 Saarbrücken
Tel 0681/64423
Fax 0681/9067685