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Name / Title

Kulturlandschaftsinitiative St. Wendeler Land

Case Study Region


Geographical coverage

Administrative district of St. Wendel


Registered charitable association; advice service


Main activity / focus


The main focus is on preserving and further developing the cultural landscape ‚St. Wendeler Land’, protecting and using natural resources and the cultural heritage. Three spheres of activity have been characterized: awareness raising, local commodity market and tourism.

Target beneficiaries / market

People in the St. Wendel region

Year established

Originally, it was founded as an informal association in 1994, which has developed into a registered charitable association in 2003.

Current Funding source(s)

Funded through LEADER financial means.


In 2007, the initiative for cultural landscape consisted of 44 members, who are divided in full members and supporting members.





The main objective of the initiative for cultural landscape is to preserve and further develop the cultural landscape ‘St. Wendeler Land‘. This is to be achieved through conservation and use of the existent resources and the cultural heritage. Of great importance is the implementation of the regional development concept “Lokalwarenmarkt St. Wendeler Land 2015+” (local produce store) that is to support the rural development of the St. Wendel region. In particular, the use of the inherent potentials of “natural resources”, “cultural heritage” and “local population” is to be a focal point.

In the future, within the frame of the development concept “Lokalwarenmarkt 2015”, the construction and establishment of a self-supporting market of local products and service is to apply a s a guiding principle. The following approaches characterize the future guiding principle: expansion of the “Lokalwarenmarktes 2015+” into a system approach, which connects value chains to a mostly independent, local commodity market, development of a brand relative to added value for every basic resource, extension of the fields of action local commodity market, tourism and qualification.


Contact details


Executive management of KuLanI
Werner Feldkamp (chairman)
Michael Welter
KuLanI Sankt Wendeler Land e.V.
66606 St. Wendel