Name / Title

Integrationslotse/in (IL0) (Integration Guides)

Case Study Region

Saarland, administrative district Merzig-Wadern

Geographical coverage

Administrative district Saarlouis
Administrative district Merzig-Wadern


Advice service

Main activity / focus


Counselling migrants, help with familiarisation (assisting with bureaucratic affairs, preparation for language courses, placing of childcare and interpreters…)

Target beneficiaries / market

Migrants, initially late repatriates, later all nationalities

Year established

2002 (in administrative district of Saarlouis) and then 2005 (in administrative district of Merzig-Wadern)

Current Funding source(s)

Administrative district Saarlouis
Administrative district Merzig-Wadern
Saarland Ministry for Education, Family, Women and Cultural Affairs
European Social Fund


Administrative district Saarlouis
Caritas for the Saar-Hochwald region e.V.
Ministry of Labour, Family, Prevention, Social matters and Sports 


Website responsible)




The integration guide service (Integrationslotsendienst (ILO)) offer assistance to migrants once they arrive in Germany. The guides give advice and inform migrants in different subjects, such as house hunting and furnishing, child care, language courses or registration with authorities. Both only children and families are attended to. In a crisis situation, the guidance service helps instantaneously.

Furthermore, integration guides prime migrants for integration language courses.

Integration guides have the task to introduce their clients to initial integration offers such as language courses, kindergarten and school. Additionally, the collaboration with the following special integration services is part of the work of an integration guide. Thus, competences and experience about initial integration steps are passed on by the person supported in order to facilitate the follow-up process with migrants, operated by subsequent special services.

Integration guide services have existed in this form for only a few years. The number of migrants is constantly increasing and the need for assistance is very high, especially during an initial period of time. The familiarization is significantly facilitated by integration guides, because they stand by them and assist in various parts of daily life. 


Contact details


Dipl. Social education worker (FH)
Marina Mokin
Caritasverband Saar-Hochwald e.V.
Neustr. 37
66763 Dillingen
Tel. 0049 6831-9869413