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Name / Title


Case Study Region

Goriška region, Slovenia

Geographical coverage

Goriška region


Business; project; partnership; policy

Main activity / focus

Establishment of IN PRIME Techological Park with four units in Goriška region (Ajdovščina, Spodnja Idrija, Šempeter, Anhovo).


Target beneficiaries / market


  • Regionally profiled technology innovative firms
  • Universityof NovaGorica
  • High-skilled workers
  • Students

Year established

Spring 2007 – 2012

Current Funding source(s)

25 million € : ERDF (10 million € ), Ministry of Economy, participating firms


  • At the beginning there were 12 firms interested, nowadays 5 are involved (Hidria Group/Idrija, Iskra Avtoelektrika Group/Šempeter, TKK/Srpenica, Salonit Group/ Anhovo, Primorje Group/Ajdovščina)
    IN PRIME Ltd.





The main objective is to stimulate innovativeness, faster technological development and to increase the global competitiveness of the region. The region seeks to be more attractive for entrepreneurs. Goriška has an exeptional strategic position: after the highway system is completed and after the construction of planned 4th developmental axis, Goriška region is to be strongly connected to the rest of the Europe.

Goriška region is trying to develop a proper infrastructure for innovative firms. There are already existing firms, world-wide recognized, which can essentially contribute to economic development of the region. Some of the traditional industries in goriška region have been partly erased (textile, footwear, partly furniture), alternatively the iniciative would like to emphasise the further development of machine, electronic and construction technologies; and also the development of mehatronics, energetics and small innovative firms. The basic precondition is the co-operation between economy and research institutions.

The developmental infrastructure has to be set-up via IN PRIME project, i. e. IN PRIME Technology park with 4 tecnology centres in various locations of Goriška region. Planned are 4500 m2 built-up area, more than 5 innovative firms with at least 5 working places per year (totally 30 new firms and at least 30 working places with high added value in the project period).

In October 2010 (Delo, 7. 10. 2010, p. 10) the first unit (centre) of IN PRIME Technology Park was opened in Ajdovščina. Acknowledged construction firm (Primorje Ajdovščina) will develop innovative construction, mostly by effective energy use in buildings, but also intends to developf materials and techologies for road construction, re-use of old asphalt etc. On mentioned spot there will still be some free space for new, innovative tecnology firms.

This could be a good practice example for other “economic growth centres” in Slovenia.


Contact details


Ms. Almira Pirih,
Posoški razvojni center, Trg svobode 2, 5222 Kobarid,  SI-Slovenija