Name / Title

Protection and valorization of the longest habitat system in Europe– “Greenbelt”

Case Study Region


Geographical coverage

International level; EU dimension; national and regional level: Pomurska region



Main activity / focus

Preservation and assessment of the habitats along the former ‘iron curtain’ in Europe; the project was initiated by IUCN.

Target beneficiaries / market

Overall population of the region; the regional (and indirectly overall European) environment

Year established

2006 – 2008

Current Funding source(s)

EU funding: INTERREG III BCADSES (2000-2006);

national funding: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning



Lead Partner: Thüringer Landesgesellschaft ThLG (Germany)Slovenia: Landscape park Goričko and Landscape park Logarska valley
Overall project team: 17 partners from 8 countries





The project represents an example of the protected area management regional institution inclusion into the international project initiated by the IUCN. The project was oriented into nature conservation along the former “iron curtain”  with the main goal to preserve the habitats as well as to strengthen the awareness of the population along the former border about the overall global as well as local importance of nature preservation. The project also contributed to the improvement of the cross border communication of the inhabitants on each side of the former border which once completely separated the population.

One of the main project results was the identification of environmental threats in the region as well as on a national level: the hydro power plants on Drava river and the planned ones on Mura river, the gravel pits around Mura, the pollution caused by the industry, agriculture and settlements along rivers, the highway, certain tourism infrastructure etc.

The positive impact of this project in Pomurska region is not only in the contribution to nature preservation but also in the initiation of a vivid cross border cooperation especially with various institutions in Hungary, Croatia and Austria. The recent projects in the region are now based also on the experiences from the Greenbelt project and are also focusing into nature preservation, preservation of biodiversity as well as in the sustainable tourism development, based on preserved natural environment and well kept cultural landscape.                                


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