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Name / Title

Energie Agentur Neiße
(Energy Agency Neiße)

Case Study Region

Dresden region (Direktionsbezirk Dresden), Upper Lusatia and Lower Silesia (Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien) 

Geographical coverage

The Energie Agentur Neiße (Energy Agency Neiße) is located in facilities of the Internationales Begegnungszentrum St. Marienthal (IBZ) (international meeting centre monastery St. Marienthal) in Ostritz-Marienthal, which is in the south of Görlitz directly at the German-Polish border. Main area of activity of the energy agency is the district Görlitz.


Advice service; project


Main activity / focus


Main task of the Energy Agency is the implementation of a coordination and communication platform in the district Görlitz in order to strengthen the district as innovative energy region. In this context, the Energy Agency’s main tasks are:

  • organisation of events and meetings,
  • support of project development,
  • acting as agent of contacts,
  • improvement of communication and coordination within the district Görlitz,
  • transfer of knowledge,
  • intermediary role between regional actors.

The Energy Agency provides self-help assistance to regional actors in the field of energy by supporting new ideas and development strategies.

Target beneficiaries / market

Beneficiaries are actors from the regional energy sector (including all kind of energy production), municipalities, regional authorities and citizens. 

Year established

The energy agency was established in September 2009.


Current Funding source(s)

The Energy Agency Neiße is a vital component of the co-operation project Mit Energie! (Energized!) in the district Görlitz. It is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Free State of Saxony and the International meeting centre monastery St. Marienthal.


The Internationales Begegnungszentrum St. Marienthal Projekt GmbH (project developer) of the IBZ has been instructed with the establishment of the Energy Agency.







Due to climate change and a shortage of fossil energy resources the Energy Agency focuses on:

  • energy saving,
  • development of renewable energies,
  • initiation of regional economic cycles,
  • promotion of the innovative Energy Region Neiße.

Main aim is the establishment of a regional coordination and communication platform to strengthen the district Görlitz as innovative energy region. The availability of affordable and ‘clean’ energy is seen as an economic advantage regarding future development. Besides, households will benefit from energy at affordable prizes.

Potentials concerning energy savings exist in the municipalities of the district Görlitz as well as in companies and households. A lot of these potentials are undetected and unexploited at the moment. Beside the development of renewable energies, energy efficiency is an important component of a sustainable energy supply, and it will become more and more important in the future. Long-term lowering of costs can be induced by reducing the energy consumption. Especially in the case of SMEs energy efficiency becomes an important indicator of competitiveness. Consequently, the topic energy efficiency is very complex, and it has got an economic, ecological and social dimension.

The Energy Agency helps all interested citizens, companies, institutions etc. identifying energetic potentials and developing measures to improve their energy efficiency.

By improving energy efficiency the use of fossil energy resources will be decreased, and CO2 emissions will be reduced. In this manner, the district Görlitz will contribute to the climate protection goals of the Free State of Saxony.


Contact details


Energie Agentur Neiße (Energy Agency Neiße)
Internationales Begegnungszentrum St. Marienthal
St. Marienthal 10
D-02899 Ostritz
Phone: +49 (0) 35823 77 228
Fax: +49 (0) 35823 77 250
E-Mail: info@energie-agentur-neisse.de