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Name / Title

Bothnian Arc

Case Study Region

Övre Norrland, Sweden

Geographical coverage

The Bothnian Arc (costal areas of northern Finland and Sweden)




Main activity / focus


Supporting business development. The Bothnian Arc encourages and activates various parties to collaborate across borders by building networks and creating new projects. 

Target beneficiaries / market

Businesses within the Bothnian Arc (costal areas of northern Finland and Sweden)

Year established


Current Funding source(s)

Nordic council of ministers funds the organisation Bothnian Arc. Many of the projects carried out by the organisation are funded by other sources such as EU funds.


Bothnian Arc is a cross-border organisation with municipalities and regional authorities as members





The Bothnian Arc is a coastal zone around the Gulf of Bothnia, at the northernmost end of the Baltic Sea. Geographically, the area includes seven Swedish municipalities and five Finnish subregions and one province. In the area has a population of about 700 000.

Bothnian Arc is one of eleven cross-border organizations in Nordic countries that are financed by Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Bothnian Arc is to serve as a link and a meeting place between these areas, improving communications, and enabling social, cultural and economic exchange. The ambition with the cross-border cooperation is to open up new opportunities to build a strong and competitive region that sets high international standards in technology, enterprise, tourism, expertise and networking. Hence business networking is not the only ambition but is seen as a tool in the work towards reaching development of the region.

The organization carries out a number of projects. They all support the development of business networks between Swedish and Finnish actors in different sectors. Networks are created within the music-, film- and bio-energy sector for example. There is also a network of expertise for Energy in Cold Climate created.

Prioritized areas of intervention are:

  • Increase in regional cooperation and increased level of activity among actors in the region
  • Lobbying
  • Increased cooperation between businesses and organizations
  • Increase in number of projects carried out in the Bothnian Arc region
  • Marketing and spread of information about the region

The organization stimulates and activates actors with the ambition of creating cross-border cooperation through networking and common projects. An important part of the work is to shine light on problems preventing cross-border cooperation and try and find solutions to these.


Contact details


Bothnian Arc
Storgatan 85
953 85 Haparanda
Phone: +46922-15643