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Name / Title

Bliesgau Öl- und Senfmühle GbR
(English: Bliesgau Oil and Mustard Mill)

Case Study Region

Saarland (D)

Geographical coverage



Business; partnership

Main activity / focus

The Bliesgau Ölmühle GbR is focusing on the production of oil and mustard from regional plants

Target beneficiaries / market

The local population.

Year established

Dedication in August 2008

Current Funding source(s)

The project is financed by funds of the Federal Ministry of  Food Agriculture and Consumer Protection, of the Saarland Ministry of Environment within the frame of the model and demonstration project ‘Regionen aktiv – Land gestaltet Zukunft’ (active regions – rural area shape the future).


Partners of the Bliesgau Ölmühle GbR are the society for renewable raw materials, Vis à Vis – Stadt und Land (previous Nachbarn mit Zukunft), Regionen aktiv, Saarland – Ministry of Environment. Furthermore, Bliesgau Ölmühle GbR is a member of the IG Mischfurchtanbau e.V. and of the Federal Association of vegetable oil e.V.




The Bliesgau Ölmühle is producer of edible oil from Bliesgau. Plants of the region are used for it.


Contact details


Mr Hans Pick (Chairman)
Bliesgau Öl- und Senfmühle Berghof
Berghof 2
D-66424 Homburg-Einöd
Phone: +49 (0) 6848 7019990
Fax: +49 (0) 6848 7019991