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Name / Title

Bliesgau Obst e.V.
(English: Bliesgau Fruits Association)

Case Study Region

Saarland (D)

Geographical coverage 


Bliesgau, seat of the association is Blieskastel



Registered Association

Main activity / focus


Particular focus is on the following objectives of Bliesgau Obst e.V.:

  • Nature conservation through extensive cultivation
  • A sustainable protection of the tree population  is to be guaranteed through replanting and new creation
  • Preserving a versatile range of variety
  • Regional marketing of meadow orchard products is to be established
  • Installation of a machinery ring
  • Re-animation of a regional beverage and kitchen culture with fruit products
  • The cultural landscape of the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau is to be preserved

Target beneficiaries / market

Biosphere region

Year established

Founded on 19th May 2005

Current Funding source(s)

Membership fees, currently 12€ per year


Bliesgau-Regal, biosphere administrative body Bliesgau; individuals and corporate bodies may join





Bliesgau Obst e.V.’s main focus is on preserving the cultural asset
of meadow orchards within the biosphere Bliesgau on the one hand and on establishing a regional marketing of meadow orchard products on the other hand. The association combines nature and landscape conservation with preserving a range of varieties and the traditional culture of fruit processing. Additionally, the association functions as a forum for all users of fruit meadows, processors of fruits and marketers of the products. Through advisory service, expert lectures, contact to other initiatives and installation of a machinery ring, the association supports the cultivation of the meadow orchards.

The association’s own brand ‚Biosphäre Bliesgau Obst‘ can be applied to all products of the meadow fruits that have been collected with the help of Bliesgau Obst e.V. Several regional restaurants, grocery stores and beverage shops are offering these products. The association co-operates with the regional marketing project ‚Bliesgau-Regal‘.


Contact details


Mr Wolfgang Hegmann (Chairman)
Bliesgau-Obst e.V.
Blumenstraße 22
D-66453 Gersheim-Bliesdalheim
Phone: +49 (0) 6843 902636
Fax: +49 (0) 6843 902637