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Name / Title

Bliesgau Genuß e.V.
(English: Bliesgau Consumption Association)

Case Study Region

Saarland (DE)

Geographical coverage

Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau and surrounding area


Registered Association


Main activity / focus


The association’s objective is to establish regional marketing as an important and supporting pillar and to raise awareness for regional products. The association serves as a forum to producers, processors, retailers, caterers, conservationists and consumers in the region, by which ideas and projects to strengthen and expand regional value creation and economic cycle can be developed. 

In order to bring regional products to consumers, actors of the associations Bliesgau Genuss e.V., Streuobstinitiative Bliesgau Obst e.V. and the biosphere administrative body take a common path: Producers and processors sell their products firsthand, viz. from home, in their shops, farm shops, on weekly farmer’s markets and seasonal festivals and markets or through Bliesgau-Regal and Bliesgau-Kiste (shelf or box in shops that offer regional products). Meanwhile, some producers supply selected restaurants within the region.

The association defines its goals as following:

  • Execution and Promotion of public relations, environmental education and awareness raising to sensitize consumers fort he association’s objectives.
  • Promoting and using regionally sustainable and/or ecologically produced goods and renditions of services that go along with it.
  • Promoting traditional farming to preserve the richly-structured cultural landscape.
  • Establishing quality standards that serve the association’s purpose.
  • Promoting regional partnerships.
  • Promotion of regionally typical food culture.
  • Cross-border collaboration with regional initiatives, especially with the existing Biosphere Reserve Parc naturel régional des Vosges du Nord.
  • Communication of a biosphere reserve’s objectives according to UNESCO under § 25 Federal Nature Conservation through information about preserving and developing a landscape, characterized by conventionally versatile usage, and its historically grown diversity of species and biotopes.

Contribution to meet the national criteria of the UNESCO for a designation of the region as a biosphere reserve.

Target beneficiaries / market

The target beneficiary is the local population 

Year established

The association was founded in 2007.

Current Funding source(s)

The association collects membership fees.


Partners are Bliesgau Obst e.V. and the biosphere administrative body Bliesgau.


Information is available at:




Bliesgau Genuß e.V. is a regional marketing initiative that stands for environment-friendly produce of regional groceries and its processing and marketing.

Contact details


Mr Hans Pick (Chairman)
Bliesgau Genuß e.V.
Berghof 2
D-66424 Homburg-Einöd