Name / Title

Biosphärenverein Bliesgau e. V.
(English: Biosphere Bliesgau Association)

Case Study Region

Saarland (D)

Geographical coverage

Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau:six communities of the Saarpfalz district belong to the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau (Gersheim, Mandelbachtal, Blieskastel, St. Ingbert, Kierkel and Homburg (in part)) as well as the community of Kleinblittersdorf of the regional district Saarbrücken.


Registered Association


Main activity / focus


The functions of the Biosphere Association are:

  • Co-operating and promoting the further development and implementation of the Biosphere Reserve’s objectives,
  • Ideas are to convey to the citizens with the goal to achieve acceptance and support,
  • Environment education and public relations,
  • Marketing of sustainably produced goods is to be supported
  • A regionally typical village renovation and monument conservation as well as keeping and preserving cultural monuments is to be promoted
  • Supporting the biosphere administrative body in achieving its goals as well as supporting all other institutions and organizations that promote the idea of the biosphere reserve
  • The collaboration with other biosphere reserves is to be promoted, especially with the cross-border biosphere reserve Pfälzerwald / Nordvogesen


Target beneficiaries / market

Population of the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau.

Year established

Founded on 21st May 2001; the articles have been revised in 2008.

Current Funding source(s)

Saarland Ministry of Environment, municipalities , membership fees


Biosphere administrative body Bliesgau
Ten Board members





For a long-term existence and the achievement of objectives, the association promotes all measures in accordance with the respectively valid version of the Federal Act for the Protection of Nature and for a continuity of the designation as biosphere reserve through the UNESCO.

Furthermore, the association fulfills the function of a forum for the biosphere reserve. Material measures, which are to preserve and develop the basis of life and the natural landscape, are supported. Additionally, focal points are preserving the cultural identity, economic development and safeguarding the future in the frame of the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau.


Contact details


Mrs Dorothea Patsch (Board member and reporter)Biosphärenverein Bliesgau e.V.
Bühlstraße 10
D-66440 Blieskastel-Bierbach
Phone: +49 (0) 6842 9610009