Name / Title

Biosphärenzweckverband Bliesgau
(English: Biosphere Administrative Body Bliesgau)

Case Study Region

Saarland (D)

Geographical coverage

Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau:six communities of the Saarpfalz district belong to the Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau (Gersheim, Mandelbachtal, Blieskastel, St. Ingbert, Kierkel and Homburg (in part)) as well as the community of Kleinblittersdorf of the regional district Saarbrücken.


Administrative body (Zweckverband)


Main activity / focus


The biosphere administrative body is a biosphere reserve management, responsible for establishment, maintenance and development of the biosphere reserve.

With founding the administrative body, they laid down a framework for working hand in hand based on partnership in order to face the region’s specific challenges.

The following projects belong to the biosphere reserve:

  • Lebensadern Wege
  • Kulturort Wintringer Kapelle

The biosphere administrative body is involved in environment education:

  • Research plays a major role.
  • In collaboration with the Saarland Ministry of Environment, Energy and Transport, a certification course ‚BNE-Begleiterin im Elementarbereich’ is offered.
  • Competitions for kindergartens and schools are organised.
  • Organic breakfast actions (‚Bio-Brot-Box-Aktionen’).

Field guides are trained in collaboration with Volkshochschule St. Ingbert and the association ‚Geographie ohne Grenzen’ (geography without borders).


Target beneficiaries / market

Among the target beneficiaries are people living in and around the biosphere Bliesgau area.

Year established

Founded on 26th September 2006.


Current Funding source(s)

The biosphere’s administrative body is funded by the Saarland Ministry of Environment and the local authorities. Every operated project is financed through applications to external sponsors. Until the UNESCO designation, the biosphere reserve was funded in line with other projects (LEADER, ILEK).


The biosphere administrative body Bliesgau co-operates with Bliesgau Obst e.V., Bliesgau Genuss e.V., with Volkshochschule St. Ingbert and the association ‚Geographie ohne Grenzen’.




This form of administration is unique in the world. The municipalities of Gersheim, Kirkel, Kleinblittersdorf, Mandelbachtal and the towns of Blieskastel, Homburg and St. Ingbert as well as the Saarpfalz district and Saarland come together to form the biosphere’s administrative body.


Contact details


Mr Walter Kemkes
Biosphärenzweckverband Bliesgau
Paradeplatz 4
D-66440 Blieskastel
Phone: +49 (0) 6842 960090
Fax: +49 (0) 6842 9600929