Alytus cultural minroites.png

Name / Title

Alytus Cultural Center of National Minorities

Case Study Region

Alytus county, Lithuania

Geographical coverage

Alytus city and surroundings


NGO (voluntary group); Association

Main activity / focus

The main objective of this organization is nurturance of national minorities’ cultural and educational activities

Target beneficiaries / market

Organization has members of 5 nationalities, majority of them are Russian, elderly people, who came to live to Lithuania in Soviet times

Year established


Current Funding source(s)

membership fee, Alytus city municipality support


20-25 in total


Not applicable




The center has a small library, female vocal ensemble performs folk songs, dances, drama group prepares performances. Literary-musical events dedicated to mention important dates are organized, contests, exhibitions arranged, the members of ACCNM participate in art festivals of Lithuanian national minority communities. Events organized by Alytus Cultural Center of National Minorities are held in Russian language. The center functions as club providing entertainment, communication and active leisure for Slavic culture lovers, this way successfully improving the quality of life for elderly immigrants in Alytus county


Contact details


Alytus Cultural Center of National Minorities
Leader, IrenaStasiukynienė
Phone: 8-315-53416
Pulko street 1, LT–62133, Alytus